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What is Aliexpress?

Aliexpress.com or Aliexpress in just few years has gained a lot of popularity. Aliexpress.com is an online marketplace that was founded the year 2010. This website has for its visitors different types of products at factory prices. All products are from China. Even if this online marketplace was mainly built to sell bulk products, customers/buyers can buy only one item also. This website is considered as an express channel of Alibaba.com. Hence, the name Aliexpress (Ali and Express) was given. It is known for charging a membership fee on the suppliers.

Aliexpress.com and Alibaba.com

This very website is featured on the Alibaba.com. Thus, when a customer signs up for a free membership in the website Aliexpress.com, they will simultaneously register to Alibaba.com also. It is quite different from Alibaba and one major difference is that Aliexpress.com does not use Western Union like Alibaba. Aliexpress happens to be under the Escrow Alipay system.

The characteristics of Aliexpress

This website has four distinct characteristics and they are as follows:

Every suppliers of this website are from China only. It is a B2C ecommerce platform, thus only Chinese companies and individuals can sell their products to foreign customers directly.
Here the payment will be made online when an order will be placed. The fund will be held in the Escrow Alipay. Thus, it does not have the problem which Alibaba faces (no payment tracking). Because of this system, the seller will only receive the fund when the customer/buyer will receive the ordered product.
The shipments are only by air on Aliexpress. Information related to the shipment can be checked by the customer under “Shipping & Packing” tab present on each and every product detail page.
This website is known for providing products to individuals as well as companies and has no minimal order requirement. But, customers living in Mainland China are not allowed to purchase from this website.

Problems faced by customer

As the Escrow Alipay system is used in Aliexpress, thus the risk and complaints of non-delivery of products is not that much in this website. But, this does not mean that the website is 100% safe to use. There are few problems that are associated with purchasing from Aliexpress. A customer should realize that he/she will deal with sellers from Alibaba.com here, so there is still some risks.

Unfortunately, Alibaba.com does not have any regulation and quality control and thus this has allowed a lot of sellers to indulge in a lot of unethical activities including replacing a product with a cheap imitation and no/late delivery of ordered products. But, if special care is taken while shopping, a buyer from Aliexpress.com will not have to deal with these difficulties.

Items on Sale

Discount coupons are seldom issued to buyers even when special offers and discounts are common on Aliexpress. Many times the website will sent coupons to selected buyers. There is an “All Promotions” and a “Promotional Products” page which can be found on the homepage of this website. These pages will have all the items that are currently on sale.

Aliexpress payment procedure

Aliexpress.com accepts Moneybookers, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and bank transfer. Besides this, this website does allow customers to purchase via certain debit cards like Euro6000, Maestro, Carte Bleue, Solo, CarataSi and PostePay. Aliexpress announced that many other options will be added shortly.

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